Jamie Paquette

Director, Photographer
Jamie Paquette

Jameson Paquette joined KBJR 6 as a Weekend Technical Director and Photographer in May 2021.

Jameson was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, where he started a career in local news. After participating in theater at East Highschool on the stage and behind. He wanted to be behind the camera and produce entertaining and informational stories.

He attended Lake Superior College in Duluth Minnesota and earned a Media Studies and Production degree. During his time at LSC, he freelanced and made tour videos, drone videos, and short films.

Jameson interned for My9 hockey where he filmed the tight shot on the puck. He liked the challenge and wanted more. He met with KBJR’s productions manager during My9 and wanted to help out with something bigger by joining the new station.

Loving his home community he constantly seeks more involvement and gathers information around him. He is excited to direct newscasts and capture stories from a new perspective.

If you have story ideas or are interested in what goes on behind the camera, email Jameson at jpaquette@kbjr6.com or call him at 218-576-7669