Duluth residents compare Saturday rainfall to 2012 flood

Local creeks were overflowing and water was spilling into garages and basements.
Published: Sep. 24, 2023 at 6:19 PM CDT
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DULUTH, MN. (Northern News Now) - Heavy rainfall hit Duluth Saturday and Sunday, with some residents seeing up to six inches of rain.

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Local creeks were overflowing and water was spilling into garages and basements.

“I was listening to the rain, knowing what happened 11 years ago, I couldn’t go back to sleep,” Duluth resident Mark Harvey said.

Water from Tischer Creek in Duluth’s Hunters Park neighborhood caused flooded roadways and yards.

“We had six inches of water in the garage, then we had the sump pump, and so I’m pumping water out of it, so it slowly receded,” Harvey said.

Harvey and Ann Gumpper have lived in their Duluth home along Tischer Creek for 19 years and have experienced flooding before.

“It’s not exactly PTSD, it’s just experience,” Gumpper said.

“Last spring we had that really warm day and all that snow was melting, it got pretty high but not this high,” Harvey said.

Harvey and Gumpper renovated their house after the 2012 flood, when they saw two feet of water inside.

“With the renovations, we put all these windows on the back of the house, and I can just sit and watch, hour by hour, just watch the creek come up, watch it recede,” Harvey said.

The residents are hopeful the creek will continue to recede.

“I think we’re past the worst of it,” Gumpper said. “There might be some scattered showers, but it’s gone down so far, so we have some leeway to work with if it comes back up.”

The City of Duluth closed roads impacted by the creeks overflowing on Sunday, including W St. Andrews Street and Columbus Avenue near Tischer Creek.

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