A Day in the Life: UMD Women’s Hockey Offseason

Published: Aug. 11, 2023 at 4:03 PM CDT
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DULUTH, MN. (Northern News Now) - While the regular season for college hockey requires a lot from student athletes, just as much work goes into the offseason for Bulldogs.

We spent the day with junior Hanna Baskin and senior Mannon McMahon while they hosted the UMD youth hockey camp to see what a day as collegiate hockey player is like in the offseason.

Q: It’s the offseason, and a lot of the best athletes will say the real work starts in the offseason. How important is it to you and what’s your approach to the offseason?

Mannon: The hockey season is pretty long, so I feel like the summer is the most important time and it’s the time where we can really focus on the things that we need to. We have a lot of time to do that so it’s a good opportunity. In the summer it’s just super important for me personally that I get stronger and faster. So, I’m just trying to do that every day of the week in the weightroom and on the ice.

Q: You guys are both from the Minnesota area, what is it like being able to workout at home as opposed to here at AMSOIL.

Hanna: Yeah, it’s very motivating. I work out in a gym with NHL Players, AHL players, and other women collegiate athletes which is really cool to see how they train and also put that into how I train and use what they do and bring that back to Duluth and to my teammates for a new perspective in general.

Q: You guys are off; you can have some fun. Is there anything that you guys have done or things that you guys don’t usually get to do during the season?

Mannon: Yeah, taking some vacations, taking sometime away from the weightroom and away from hockey is super important. Going up to cabins on the weekends, going out of town with your family. That’s how I’ve been able to kick back and relax a little bit.

Hanna: I’ve been loving to play some pickleball with some friends from high school. We get pretty competitive but it’s definitely a way to stay engaged in sports but also be more relaxed since it’s not my main sport.

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