Meet the candidates: Superior School Board

Meet the candidates: Superior School Board
Published: Mar. 31, 2023 at 7:43 PM CDT
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SUPERIOR, WI. -- Voters in Wisconsin will get to make their voices heard in the spring election, which is Tuesday, April 4.

In Superior, they will be voting to fill two seats on the School Board.

Three candidates, one incumbent and two challengers, are looking to win Superior residents’ vote.

Shawnu Ksicinski, a mother of two, said if elected she would focus on bringing financial stability to the struggling district.

“Seeing the challenges that are ahead for the district regarding budget and the findings from the capacity study,” said Ksicinski. “I really felt that I could use my skills and knowledge to really jump in and play that role.”

She hopes to use her time as Executive Director for Progress North, a non-profit, to focus on inclusion within the school district.

“It is key to how we make students feel safe,” said Ksicinski. “Making sure that we have curriculum that all of our students, staff, and teachers can see themselves in.”

Born and raised in Superior, Steven Olson is running for his second term.

“I had a wonderful career as a teacher, as an educator, as a coach, and as an administrator, I might say,” said Olson. “It just fits me, it’s my way to give back to my community.”

Olson hopes with his experience on the school board, he will bring informed decisions about the district’s budget, and its recent impact on possible school closures.

“But more importantly with that budget, how do we retain that teaching staff that we have, and how do we bring new people in,” said Olson.

Nick Schumacher, father of three, said while he has seen the district do some great things, he hopes to make some changes by holding the school board accountable.

“The conversations with these parents and teachers that I have had are around accountability in the classroom,” said Schumacher. “And our standard base grading system that we have within the school district.”

He’s hoping to use his perspective as a parent to bring changes to the schools in the district.

“More communication on where our money is being spent and just cutting back in little ways,” said Schumacher. “It doesn’t have to be big things all at once, but just saying no to certain things that we don’t need.”

All candidates said, no matter who you choose, to get out and vote.

Election Day is April 4, and early voting is still open.