Local restaurants, bakeries hold off on raising prices due to egg shortage

Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 4:28 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. (Northern News Now) - Some local restaurant and bakery owners in the Twin Ports said they have been able to avoid passing the rising costs of eggs off on customers, at least for now.

According to data from CNN, egg prices have sky-rocketed about 60 percent since avian flu killed more than 50 million birds nationwide over the last year.

The increase in egg prices is eating at the bottom line of restaurants like the Vanilla Bean on Duluth’s Woodland Avenue.

Vanilla Bean Restaurant on Woodland Avenue
Vanilla Bean Restaurant on Woodland Avenue(kbjr)

“I would say more than half our dishes have eggs in them so we go through at least two cases of eggs a day,” said Reinhard Von Rabenau of Vanilla Bean restaurant.

That’s eight dozen eggs, which now retail between $5 and $7 when most folks are used to $2 or $3. Bakeries like Johnson’s on West Third Street in Duluth are feeling the pinch, too.

“We used to pay a dollar a pound for eggs and now they are four dollars a pound!” said Scott Johnson of the 77 year old independent bakery.

Right now, the restaurants and bakeries Northern News Now spoke with Tuesday say they are eating the extra cost of eggs to keep their prices more palatable to consumers. They hope to ride out this surge in supply price so they don’t have to hike things up to customers.

“I’m waiting to see before we have to raise prices much just to see how long it will be before we have some transition back down,” said Johnson.

Johnson Bakery in Duluth
Johnson Bakery in Duluth(kbjr)

Restauranteurs and bakers both have a price decrease on their wish lists and hope for a speedy end to the egg shortage.

“I hope there is an end time to this. Hoping is better than planning for the worst. That’s where we’re sitting right now,” said Von Rabenau.

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