Duluth Wedding Show brings biggest wedding day trends to soon to be brides

Published: Jan. 14, 2023 at 2:46 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. -- The Duluth Wedding Show at the DECC brought out thousands of newly engaged couples to start planning for their big day Saturday.

“So, I just got engaged this past January 1st,” said bride-to-be, Paige Chadwick. “It was on New Year’s, and we were at a Vikings and Packers Game.”

Post-pandemic, the show brought to life new wedding trends with over one hundred vendors.

This year, it’s all about videography for brides-to-be.

“I’m definitely looking for a videographer,” said Chadwick. “I really want to find a good videographer because it’s so special. It’s something you can keep forever. I want to find somebody, and they don’t have a lot of them, so I want to make sure I get in touch with somebody.”

But since the Duluth wedding show began 35 years ago, trends seemed to have changed.

“What would be most important to me, and I have talked to my daughter about this, are the pictures,” said Paige Chadwick’s mother, Melissa Gams. “She has also talked about the videography being a good addition. That’s something I didn’t have at my wedding.”

A wide variety of different vendors spanning 20,000 square feet, ensuring Chadwick gets her ideal videographer for her wedding in 2024.

As for videographers at the show, they are only just recently seeing an uptick in brides that are interested.

“I think it’s a growing medium with photos and videography,” said the co-owner of Infinite Film Production Wedding Videography Services, Adrianna Buckner. “Sharing it on social media and stuff like that has been a really big thing it seems recently. Especially a lot of sharing on Facebook. I have seen a lot of upticks with that.”

Buckner said the pandemic caused this increase in interest.

“Being able to capture that in photos, and video, and being able to share them with friends or family that weren’t able to come I think has been a really huge thing,” said Buckner. “I think a lot of brides really appreciate having that option to be able to share it with more people.”

The Duluth Wedding Show will also showcase again in the fall.