DECC looking to the state to fund $9 million repair project

DECC looking to state representatives for project repairs
DECC looking to state representatives for project repairs(northern news now)
Published: Jan. 13, 2023 at 7:47 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. -- The DECC has been open for nearly 60 years and according to leaders there, it’s in need of some serious infrastructure improvements.

“We have a lot of things from 1966 that probably should have been fixed maybe in the 80′s,” said the DECC Executive Director, Dan Hartman. “Now a lot of them are in really rough shape.”

Dan Hartman pointed out areas they are looking to repair or replace.

“The main ice chiller for DECC Arena has been around since 1966,” said Hartman. “Honestly, we cover a lot of it so it’s hard to see the original pieces, but you can really get a good idea of how old this equipment really is.”

Hartman said getting basic items replaced will make a big difference.

“It’s not young, but why these are super important is that this is what helps transfer what we don’t want in one spot to move away quickly,” Hartman said. “So, if there is another ammonia leak or anything of that nature, you want to get that bad gas out of that space quick.”

That’s why the DECC is looking to the state to help fund these repair projects, and several others.

“The DECC is older now,” said Representative Liz Olson. “It really needs some big improvements. We are going to be working together to try to get this legislation across the finish line.”

Representative Liz Olson authored a bill, signed on with Representative Alicia Kozlowski, that would bring $9 million in funding to the DECC.

“We would be doing bond sales to be able to pay for capital improvement projects,” Rep. Olson said. “So, we are going to be looking to get these bills across the finish line. The DECC is definitely in the mix especially looking towards our bonding bill.” Olson

Olson said they’re hitting the ground running this legislative session.

“We have already passed bills off the house floor, we had the Governor sign into law the Tax Conformity Bill, we are moving at a much more expedited pace than we have in a very long time,” said Rep. Olson

Decisions on the house floor, Hartman hopes will be felt at the DECC.