Police: 2 Duluth men charged for stabbings, assault over stolen phone charger

Tristan St. Clair (left) and Dustin St. Clair (right)
Tristan St. Clair (left) and Dustin St. Clair (right)(St. Louis County Jail)
Published: Jan. 10, 2023 at 12:35 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN -- Two Duluth men have been charged with attempted murder and assault for allegedly stabbing several people after an argument police say started over a phone charger.

Tristan St. Clair, 22, and Dustin St. Clair, 27, were each charged in St. Louis County Court Tuesday morning.

According to court documents, at the end of December, a man, identified only as Victim 4, traveled to Duluth to spend time with his girlfriend.

At some point during his visit, their relationship “soured.” Victim 4 left his girlfriend’s house and took her phone charger with him.

Victim 4 ended up deciding to stay with his sister, who lived at a home on West Arrowhead Road in Duluth’s Kenwood neighborhood.

According to court documents, between January 5 and 6, Victim 4 began receiving messages via social media from Dustin St. Clair, a relative of Victim 4′s girlfriend.

Dustin St. Clair apparently referenced the stolen phone charger and challenged Victim 4 to a fight. At one point, court records allege Dustin St. Clair sent a photo of himself holding a gun and used what police say is a slang term for the word “murder.”

Victim 4 was so concerned that he called 911 on the evening on January 5.

When officers responded to the home on West Arrowhead Road, they searched the area but did not find Dustin St. Clair.

Later, through continued social media messaging, Victim 4 agreed to meet Dustin St. Clair in the parking lot of a nearby grocery store.

Victim 4 showed up for the arranged meeting, but Dustin St. Clair did not. Victim 4 returned to his sister’s home but did not lock the exterior door.

In court documents, police specified that while the home is technically a single-family home, it has been converted to makeshift apartments. At the time of the incident, the bedrooms were occupied by residents who did not all know each other.

Then, just before 3:30 a.m. on January 6, Victim 4 heard loud noises outside his room.

Police say Dustin St. Clair and Tristan St. Clair allegedly broke in and started stabbing two people, a man and a woman who were also staying at the home. Police say they did not know Victim 4 or about the argument he had been having with Dustin St. Clair.

According to court documents, the suspects stabbed the two victims multiple times, including in the head, chest, neck, and face. The man was estimated to have been stabbed between 15 and 20 times.

When the suspects started to leave, they ran into a third woman inside the home who they allegedly hit on the head with a glass coffee pot. She suffered cuts to her hand, head, and face.

Then, the suspects tried to drive off, but police say their vehicle got stuck in a snowbank at the end of their driveway.

Police arrested both Dustin and Tristan St. Clair shortly after.

When they searched the scene, police said they found large amounts of blood and a hunting-style knife.

All three victims were taken to the hospital. According to court documents, the extent of some of the victim’s injuries is unknown.

However, police say the man who was stabbed between 15 and 20 times had the most serious injuries. He required surgery to prevent him from bleeding to death, according to court documents. As of Tuesday, his condition and prognosis were unknown to the prosecution.

According to court records, Tristan St. Clair was recently convicted of a previous assault he was involved in.

He allegedly assaulted his pregnant girlfriend in the skywalk near the DECC in October 2021.

In October 2022, he was sentenced to about 2 1/2 years of incarceration.

However, according to online court records, a judge stayed his sentence, meaning he would not have to serve that time unless he violated the terms of his probation.

Tristan St. Clair had a probation violation hearing in connection to that case Monday morning.

Meanwhile, Dustin St. Clair also has a criminal history, including being convicted of aggravated robbery in Carlton County in 2013.