Mechanic explains why it takes so long to get your car in the shop

long waits for car repairs
long waits for car repairs(kbjr)
Published: Jan. 10, 2023 at 12:50 PM CST
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A mechanic puts a new head gasket on a 6 cylinder engine at Brad's NAPA Auto Clinic in Rice...
A mechanic puts a new head gasket on a 6 cylinder engine at Brad's NAPA Auto Clinic in Rice Lake north of Duluth(kbjr)

RICE LAKE, MN. (Northern News Now) - Among the constant noises in an auto shop these days is the constant ringing of the telephone. People need their cars fixed asap after an unexpected break down. But in our current era, a long wait to get into a shop can be expected.

“We are two to three weeks out at best. We’ve been up to four or five weeks in the peak of the summer so big wait times, yup.”

The crew of mechanics at Brad’s NAPA Auto Clinic in Rice Lake just north of Duluth tell us there are many reasons for the slow-down in service that is found throughout our region.

“A lot of people are fixing their car over replacing, used car prices are crazy, sometimes if you can afford a new car then you can’t get it because of availability issues, and it’s harder for us to fix cars because for parts there are really long wait times or are impossible to get.”

The only thing we can do as motorists right now is to do preventive maintenance to avoid the need to go to a repair shop.

“There’s a lot of preventive maintenance and yeah, it does work. Fluid changes make a real big difference and on top of that list is oil changes. We see so many damaged engines internally because of lack of oil change.”

Until supply chain issues change, mechanics say the long wait times for work will linger. They do at least empathize with us.

“It’s tough. I can see where you’d be in a tight spot if you can’t fix it yourself just having to wait. It’s the same story everywhere you go.”

In Rice Lake, Dave Anderson, Northern News Now.

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