Trail by Trail: Chisholm, Spooner, Douglas County, Hayward

Start your 2023 on the trails! Reports from clubs across the region in today's Trail by Trail.
Published: Jan. 6, 2023 at 7:20 PM CST
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Trail Report from Northern Traxx ATV Club:

The Chisholm ATV Trail is plowed and open to the Public from Hibbing to Hwy 5/Connors Rd which is about 10 miles north of Chisholm. The Chisholm ATV Trail does intersect and share a small section with a snowmobile trail so use caution in these areas and follow the signage!

Trail Report from Rails on Trails:

Rails on Trails was formed in the Spooner area 30+ years ago and is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization (501c3) in Washburn County. We are dedicated to providing outdoor trail sport and recreation opportunities to people of all ages, promoting healthy living and the enjoyment of nature. To accomplish this we:

· Lead local youth cross-country ski and mountain bike programs and clubs in coordination with Spooner Schools.

· Coordinate local ski races and assist with events that promote trail sports in the community.

· Develop and maintain 22 kilometers of cross-country ski trails, 18 miles of fat bike trails, 24 miles of mountain bike trails and 4.5 miles of running trails at three locations in the Spooner area.

Recently our grooming snowmobile that used to groom the trails at the Spooner City Park has broken down and is beyond repair. We need your support to purchase a new grooming sled and keep the park trails groomed and accessible. The total cost for a new groomer is $14,300. Our trails are host to over 150 youth skiers, draw countless visitors to our community and are a resource for us, the local residents, every day! All the grooming and trail maintenance is done by volunteers.

Click the link below to make a donation today!

Trail Report from Douglas County Forestry Department:

Douglas County Received 6-10 inches of new snow over the last couple of days. The snow has brought more trees across the trails. Please ride with caution there are still trees under the snow and branches hanging into the trail. The Clubs are working as fast as they can to get the trails cleared, packed and groomed.

Some of the trails that have been groomed are in good shape and some have just been cleared in order to be open. Please understand that some of the groomed trails are still rough and have early-season riding conditions. Please thank the volunteers if you pass them on the trails. They have been working very hard to get the trails open, and are still working very hard to get the rest of the trails open.

Please be patient while our volunteers check the trails. As the rest of the trails become ridable, we will begin opening gates and posting them as open. Make sure you check with neighboring counties and states before you ride to make sure trails are open.

Douglas County Forestry does not maintain any trails across lakes. If you would like information of specific trails, please contact the Snowmobile club in that area.

It is critical that we respect the landowners who allow us to utilize their property. Please Stay On The Trails.

For the full list of open and closed trails, click here.

Trail Report from the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation:

The groomers have been hard at work getting the trail cleared and fully groomed. The trail is groomed and ready for skiers to get out there! Between Wednesday and Thursday, we received around +7-8″. As of yesterday, the logging has ended at 00 and the groomers were able to groom the Easy Strider trails. This weekend we will have a Fat Bike event on the trails we are wanting everyone to be cautious while they are out there. Get out and enjoy! Stay warm out there! Get the most recent grooming reports at

Tips: If you’re part of a local club let us know, send in a report to, and it might be featured as we go around the Northland Trail by Trail.