International film festival brings outdoor adventure to Duluth

Films feature for Banff Film Festival
Films feature for Banff Film Festival(northern news now)
Published: Jan. 6, 2023 at 7:41 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. -- You can stand on the highest mountains and ski down the steepest slopes.

″You don’t know whether you’re going to come here and see some guy hucking himself down a mountain on some skis, or whether he’s going to be riding a bike, or it’s going to be some kind of cultural message about some ethnicity, or if you’re going to see some environmental message about the salmon spawn in Alaska,” said Local Director of the Banff Mountain Film Festival Mark Nyholm.

The Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival World Tour traveled back to the DECC this weekend.

Duluth being just one stop on its world tour through 50 countries over the next year.

“There are hundreds of films that show up there every year and then there are critics that go through them trying to figure out what is the best of the best,” Nyholm said.

Bringing the best high energy, impactful, and moving outdoor films to be seen here, and around the world.

We all know the winters can be particularly tough when it comes to getting outside, but here, you can join in adventures worldwide.

All from the comfort of a chair.

The large screen immersing viewers into gripping adventures.

Inspiring those who have been coming for the last 17 years of the festival’s visits to Duluth.

″I think it has been exciting to watch the events grow from the small numbers into the big numbers,” said Martin Dean, who has been coming to Banff Film Festival for the last 17 years. “More and more people just getting their friends to come and just to enjoy the event and the ambiance, and the community that this event has.”

Bringing people together with the community and the world.

″Those who have been time and time again, they know it’s going to be a real mix of films and they don’t know quite what to expect,” Dean said.

The Duluth Cross Country Ski Club helped bring the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Duluth.

All proceeds will go to local community ski projects.