Superior’s historic Globe News store changes ownership for first time in 40 years

Globe News' art deco-ish neon sign may have been built in the 30's for Globe Shipyard and has...
Globe News' art deco-ish neon sign may have been built in the 30's for Globe Shipyard and has been hanging on the New Jersey Building since at least 1952,(KBJR)
Published: Jan. 2, 2023 at 1:39 PM CST
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SUPERIOR, WI (Northern News Now) - The New Jersey Building in downtown Superior gives off both Victorian and Art Deco vibes. The first aura comes from the building’s birth in 1889. The second comes from the Globe News sign said to have come from Superior’s Globe Shipyard.

“It’s actually had only three businesses in this corner. It’s been the Opera House Drug store and Globe News and for a few years there was an appliance shop in here.” said soon to be former owner Tom Unterberger.

Globe News was founded in the early 50′s. Tom Unterberger and his wife have been owners of the historic building and its flagship business for 40 years. The original proprietors wanted to retire in 1982.

“We were newly married with a kid on the way and no money but they said we’d like you to take the store over. We can’t afford it but they said we’ll make it right.” said Unterberger.

Now, after 40 years of selling books, magazines, comics, cds, record and gaming supplies, Tom is ready to retire. On the first, the old school news shop was taken over by Jon Fritsche and his wife, owners of several Culvers Restaurants in the region. Two other business owners from Poplar are part of the new ownership team as well.

“I’d hate to see him leave and something like this go away. I wanted to make sure a place as iconic as Globe News stays.” said Fritsche.

Tom is retirement age. Jon is much younger. He’s a gamer himself so that aspect of running the store won’t be hard but the young man doesn’t know much about the vinyl record aspect yet.

“The records? I have never owned records myself but I do like music so that’s the biggest mountain of knowledge that I’ve taken the last few months hanging out with Tom.” said Fritsche.

Now that four decades of selling books is behind him, Tom says he’ll finally have time to read some of them in between tasks on the honey do list.

“I don’t think my bride is going to let me sit and twiddle my thumbs but I’m going to relax for a while, do some snow shoeing and catch up on my reading.” said Unterberger.

In Superior, Dave Anderson, Northern News Now

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