Harsh travel conditions come ahead of the holidays

Snowy Roads
Snowy Roads
Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 10:53 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. -- It may look like a typical northland winter, but road conditions will continue to worsen ahead of Christmas Eve.

″I know people have plans and this is an important time of year, so we just ask drivers if they decide to go out and drive on the roads, they just make sure they give themselves enough time,” Lt. Gordan Shank with the Minnesota State Patrol, said.

Dangerous winds and blowing snow are expected to make white-out conditions ahead of the holidays, creating what is known as a ground blizzard.

Visibility on roads around the state will be significantly impacted.

Minnesota officers said if you have to drive, just be prepared.

“Just make sure you have warm clothing, extra blankets, some things that aren’t going to go bad food-wise,” said Lt. Shank. “Think of your granola bars, have some bottles of water, just some things like that, crackers, things won’t spoil in your vehicle.

Wisconsin is also seeing impacted travel conditions.

The Bong Bridge is becoming especially dangerous as ice continued to build up.

“Make sure you increase your following distance eight to ten seconds behind the car in front of you is a good rule of thumb, try to avoid using cruise control,” Bradley Jago, an officer with the Superior Police Department, said. “Drive in the lane that has been plowed, you know avoid using the passing lane and just plan ahead to have extra time to make it, so you don’t need to use that passing lane.”

Hoping that everyone makes it home safe so they can enjoy the holidays.

“No one expects to end up in a ditch, but it is better to be prepared and have everything you need if you end up in that situation,” Lt. Shank said.

Officers also ask that if you find yourself in a crash, or stuck in a ditch, to stay in your car and call 911.