Red Kettle season kicks off with something new

Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign
Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign
Published: Nov. 24, 2022 at 5:04 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. -- The Salvation Army in Duluth decided to do something new this holiday season.

“The community kettle helps you to give back in some way, join in the Christmas spirit without going and taking the time to sign up as a bell ringer, and commit to a time and a place,” the Salvation Army’s Captain Teri Ellison, said.

As a way to help with unfilled volunteer hours, the Salvation Army is putting out a rotating “community kettle.”

It’s open to anyone who has a free minute to ring the bell.

“This is a way to maybe just stop for 20 minutes, or a half hour, pick up the bell and just have some fun and wish people ‘Merry Christmas’ this year,” said Ellison.

Earlier this week, the Community Kettle was set up at the West Duluth Super One.

And getting involved is as simple as a ring of a bell.

Every Community Kettle has a sign that says, “Community Kettle.”

If you’re interested in ringing the bells, you can find them at the base of the kettle.

However, it won’t stay put in one location for long.

Salvation Army leaders said they plan to move it every day throughout the giving season.

“So, the Community Kettle is exactly that, it’s going to be in different communities throughout the Duluth area, Lakeside, Hermantown,” Ellison said. “The Community Kettle is really going to show up in all areas of the community.”

Hoping the community can help them raise their goal of $215,000 by Christmas Eve while bringing in the spirit of the season.

“What we are hoping to see is people really catching the spirit of the community kettle,” said Ellison. “Not only raising the funds but raising the friends as well.”

To follow the location of the Community Kettle, you can visit the Salvation Army’s Facebook page for daily updates.