Duluth hair salon honors military service members with free haircuts

Published: Nov. 13, 2022 at 4:37 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. -- BAM Style hair salon closed its doors to the public to offer free haircuts to veterans and active-duty military members in recognition of Veteran’s Day.

“This is our third or fourth year doing it,” Manager of BAM Style, Andrew Leskey, said. “We just want to have a good community give back.”

Done on the Sunday after Veterans Day to allow military members to come in and relax.

“We usually try to have it on the Sunday after, or closest to Veterans Day as we can,” Leskey said. “Sunday is the easiest day for us to make this private for them.”

BAM Style hair salon doesn’t just spend the day giving out free haircuts.

All money made throughout the day, whether from tips or their special Veterans Day raffle, goes to the Disabled Veterans of Carlton County.

Last year alone raising over $1,000 and giving dozens of veterans from the area new hairstyles.

“I want to be able to support the Disabled Veterans of Carlton County. That’s really why we are here today, to be able to give,” co-assistant manager at BAM Style, Sequoia Borner, said. “We chose that organization because it aligns with a lot of the values that our salon members have here.”

For the hairstylists, this is more than just a fundraising event.

It’s a day to support a cause they hold close to their hearts, while helping boost the confidence of their clients.

“It means a lot because I know it really helps people with their self-esteem or getting to a place where they feel comfortable looking at themselves in the mirror,” Borner said.

For veterans who come to the salon, they said gestures like this go a long way.

“It’s nice to know that other people can get that assistance and maybe get out of the bad situations that they’re in. Stuff like this really helps,” engine mechanic of the 133rd International Guard, Dan Bombeck, said.

Knowing that no matter how hard life gets after they have served, the community is there to help.

“It shows that we aren’t forgotten about and it’s a nice little break for people with hard times right now,” Bombeck said.