What issues drove Northland voters to the polls Tuesday?

Voters tell us why they casted their ballots
Voters tell us why they casted their ballots(Northern News Now)
Published: Nov. 8, 2022 at 8:02 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. -- Candidates aren’t the only reason people headed to the polls for the 2022 Midterm election. It’s also the issues they stand for.

“Well, the abortion ruling in court was certainly very high, and the congressional representative for the 8th district is very important to me,” Duluth voter Gregory Bernhardt, said.

Voters across the region came out for a variety of reasons Tuesday.

“Voting access I guess,” John Palecek, of Duluth, said after voting. “Making sure that is something that was important to the candidates that I voted for.”

“It was just the concerns about the whole voting issue,” Elsie Johnson, Duluth voter, said. “There shouldn’t be so many things coming up.”

For some UMD college students, the economy is also a big concern, and the reason they casted their ballots on Tuesday.

“Just our economy keeps going up. Everything like prices,” Alexis Hawkinson, UMD student voter, said. “I’m a college student so I can’t really afford to have prices keep going up as much as they are.”

People even casting their ballots for their right to love.

“For me personally, I identify as a queer person, and I know that my rights are vulnerable. I know the rights of many people I love are vulnerable,” election volunteer and early voter, Mark Hakes, said. “I think that this is a very important election.”

For some women, they vote to protect their reproductive rights.

“What brought me out to vote was everything that happened with Roe v. Wade,” UMD college student, Madison Richgles, said. “It’s just kind of scary seeing everything that’s happening in other states, and I would hate for that to be brought here. It’s just scary as a young woman.”

Some even say that they come out to vote because it is their civic duty.

It is a right that they used on Tuesday.

“It is very important for everyone to get out and vote. It’s our patriotic duty,” Johnson said. “It’s something that everybody should do.”