Trail by Trail: Outing, Duluth, Wisconsin

Learn more about the Over the Hills Gang ATV club.
Published: Oct. 28, 2022 at 7:09 PM CDT
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Trail Report from the Over the Hills Gang ATV Club:

The Over The Hills Gang is an ATV Club created to protect our right to ride all the great trails available to us. We are a dedicated group of around 500 people of varied ages from all across Minnesota. We believe ATV riding is an outdoor, family-oriented, fun activity. Our membership includes a variety of experience levels, interests and abilities.

Our club is dedicated to safe, informed, and responsible ATV riding. We love to share the experience and do anything possible to make great ATV riding available to more people, keeping it accessible and fun with great trails, information, education and people.

We have meetings at 10am the first Saturday of each month, check our calendar for locations. Here we discuss the trail issues and plans, future rides, activities and current events or issues that may be affecting ATV riders. We plan, create and maintain about 72 miles of trails in the Outing/Emily area, including 26 miles of the Moose River year-round ATV trails, and 16 miles of the Emily Blind Lake ATV trail.

Our trails officially close on November 1st. [Saturday, October 29] is our final club meeting. Following the meeting, there will be an informal group ride. However, our Moose River trails in the Land O Lakes State Forest are open YEAR ROUND to ATVs. Excluding firearms hunting season of course. We have a fair amount of people that come up and ride all winter long. Our next major even will be in sometime in February or March called “Getting Loose On The Moose” where riders gather and go play in the snow on the Moose River trails.”

Duluth, MN- Two women are teaming up to start a Twin Ports Trail Sisters chapter. Trail Sisters is a nationwide group that strives to increase women’s participation and opportunities in trail running and hiking. The Duluth chapter meets every Thursday and all abilities, ages and paces are welcome. To join you can find them on Facebook and the events are posted on the Trail Sisters website. As winter approaches, the trails may transition to paved routes to help everyone participate.

Wisconsin- The DNR is once again reminding riders of safety precautions as the ATV season winds down. So far in 2022, 17 people have died in ATV crashes across the state. The majority of those killed were not wearing a helmet or seat belt. The DNR Recreational Safety Section Chief says that a helmet is the single most important piece of protection riders can wear. Their other safety tips include using extra caution on pavement, always operate within your abilities and always know before you go.

Tips: The ATV season is winding down, but snowmobiling is up next. If you or someone you know is part of a local club please send us condition reports or events at