New Duluth history book pays tribute to 300+ special buildings and one special person

Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 4:56 PM CDT
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Duluth's Grand Old Architecture covers historic buildings past and present
Duluth's Grand Old Architecture covers historic buildings past and present(Zenith City Online)

DULUTH, MN. (Northern News Now) - Tony Dierckins isn’t originally from around here but he fell in love with our region’s history.

That happened when the budding author met architectural historian Marryanne C. Norton at the Duluth Public Library.

“I was an author looking for something to write about and I had these old postcards of Duluth and thought they’d make a great book if only I knew anything about local history.” said Dierckins.

Norton taught Dierckins that history and the two went on to author several books about historic buildings.

This week, the two have a new book coming out called Duluth’s Grand Architecture and it’s about places long gone and still standing.

“It covers three hundred buildings with four hundred photos and is quite a walk through time.” said Dierckins.

Tony has a hard time picking a favorite among all those mansions, schools, factories and houses of worship.

“It’s really hard to pick one favorite.

How could you ignore Old Central which is a great example of Romanesque architecture by a team of great architects and just an amazing building?” said Dierckins.

But in the next breath, Dierckins praises the Duluth Civic Center and the Endion School.

Along with being a tribute to structures past and present, the book is also a tribute to Marryanne C Norton.

She passed away in 2018 after delivering five big boxes of research for Duluth’s Grand Old Architecture.

“It’s a tribute to Marryanne but it’s also her work as well.” said Dierckins.

Tony Dierckins will hold a book signing for Duluth’s Grand Old Architecture Thursday night at 6:30 pm at Glensheen Mansion.

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