Homeowner reacts to fatal plane crash that went through house

Published: Oct. 2, 2022 at 7:17 PM CDT
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HERMANTOWN, MN. (Northern News Now) -- “We woke up to the sound of what sounded like a bomb going off,” Jason Hoffman said.

Hoffman and his wife Crystal were in their bed, sleeping peacefully when they woke to something they would have never expected. An airplane carrying three people had crashed through their house. Those three people died.

BREAKING: Authorities release names of victims in Hermantown plane crash

“First thing I saw was that the roof was gone,” Hoffman said. “So once I turned the flashlight down around us, we started to see some airplane parts. There was a wheel next to the bed.”

Hoffman said the dust from the insulation was so thick that he couldn’t see his wife in the bed next to him.

He said it was traumatizing and feels terrible for the three people in the plane, but also feels extremely lucky to be alive, seeing as the plane came right over the top of their bodies.

“If you’re on the bed and you look straight up at the impact, the lowest spot of the impact was 18 inches above our heads,” Hoffman said.

Even their neighbors said it was unlike anything they have ever heard or seen.

“We heard a loud electrical discharge, the sky lit up blue, and police started coming from all angles,” Neighbor of the home that was hit by the plane, William Lopez, said.

Lopez was up late about to go out to look for the Northern Lights when he heard a loud boom.

Soon after, police and fire officials were right outside the scene.

Lopez said that he is just happy to see his neighbors okay, but mourns for those in the plane.

“I’m just glad everyone in the house got out,” Lopez said. “I feel terrible for the people in the plane. It’s a horrible thing to have happen.”