Mav Made It: Twin Ports YouTuber reels in giant following

Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 10:23 PM CDT
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DULUTH, MN. (KBJR) - Meet Mavrik Joos, a 26-year-old Youtuber who has gained over 2 million subscribers and started right here in the Northland.

“It’s intimidating, getting a build out leaving family or leaving behind your friends and going on doing your own sort of things for months on end and not knowing how long it’s going to be,” says Mav.

“I went to school at UMD for four years. I got a lot of ideas while I was up here for things I wanted to do. I know I wanted to do winter camping and I was envisioning going in a tent up in the Boundary Waters, or Ely to fish for trout so when I graduated I feel like I didn’t get to experience how cool that was, so when I experienced that for the first time I wanted to share it with people,” Mav adds.

So Mav turned to YouTube where over the past three years he’s been, chronicling his love of fishing and cooking. Doing it in his Ford F-150, his Volkswagen, his ‘92 Japanese Toyota Hi-ace, also known as ‘Steve’, and his military humvee.

Being able to connect with people not only in the Northland but around the world is still very surreal for Mav who’s dreamed of the opportunity for years.

“I would love to meet me now when I was 12, to be honest with you I used to look at YouTubers as like my fingerboard buddies like they were higher than anything at 12 years old so it’s really cool to see where I’m at now and have the ability to keep building and keep capitalizing and keep giving it a shot, that’s what keeps me going, I have this opportunity and I’ve capitalized on it and I’m just going to see how far I can take it. It’s a dream come true and I pinch myself every day,” Mav says reflecting on his journey.

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