Family speaks out after deadly crash involving Superior Police officer

Published: Jul. 16, 2022 at 7:09 PM CDT
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SUPERIOR, WI. (KBJR 6) --The family and victims of a deadly crash in Superior are speaking out.

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“I want people to see how drunk driving has effected this family, it’s split our family in half,” said Laura Ojanen, whose boyfriend Michael Evans died in the crash.

Ojanen, their two-year-old son Lucas, and two-month-old son Elijah were injured.

Ojanen and Lucas were released from the hospital, while Elijah was placed on life support.

“He deserved the world, he deserves to grow up, I was so excited to see him crawl, that was the biggest thing that I was excited for,” Ojanen said.

On Monday, she made the difficult decision to pull baby Elijah off life support after a brain test showed no signs of life.

“My son lost his daddy and he’s going to lose his baby brother, and I don’t even know how I can explain that to a two year old,” she said.

Ojanen’s brother Brandon LaBlanc has been supporting his sister and nephews.

He said the loss of Evans is tremendous.

“He was very much a good father figure, and was doing right by my sister,” LeBlanc said.

He hopes people understand how severe the impact of drunk driving can be.

“There’s obviously not a whole lot of good that can come from everything that’s happened, but that’s something that could impact other people’s lives, a story of what the consequences are,” LeBlanc said.

Ojanen said the love her family has for each other will never be lost.

“We loved each other so much, all of us, Lucas is such an amazing big brother, he loved Elijah,” Ojanen said. “Michael was such an amazing father, and Elijah is such a beautiful baby.”

SUPERIOR, WI. (KBJR 6) -- The family of a man killed in a crash involving an off-duty Superior Police Officer is speaking out.

RELATED: 1 dead after crash involving off duty Superior Police Officer

The family of 23-year-old Michael Evans confirmed to KBJR 6 that Evans, his 24-year-old girlfriend Laura Ojanen, and their two children were traveling home from celebrating Evans’ birthday when their car ran out of gas.

Ojanen’s brother Brandon LeBlanc said Evans got out to push the car and told Ojanen to stay in the vehicle. Evans was killed in the crash while Ojanen and their two-month-old son Elijah were hospitalized.

“They were on their way home from Michael’s birthday, which was the day before. They ran out of gas and he got out to push the car. Laura wanted to help him but he asked her to stay in the car, for her safety,” LeBlanc said “Michael died a hero, saving my sister.”

Several GoFundMe’s have been created to help the family following the crash.

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