Northland Christmas trees selling out at record speeds

Northland Christmas trees selling out at record speeds
Northland Christmas trees selling out at record speeds(KBJR/CBS)
Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 5:48 PM CST
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DULUTH, MN. (KBJR) - Northland Christmas tree farms are selling out earlier than normal.

Doug Hoffbauer, or “Farmer Doug” of Hoffbauer Tree Farm, sold out of every wreath, tree, and piece of garland he had within weeks of opening tree farms.

“All of the sudden it’s over and we’re alone down there pushing the broom and packing all this stuff up in boxes, hauling it home, and putting it away for another 10 months, so that is kind of a bit of a downer,” Hoffbauer said.

The mass surge forced Hoffbauer to close his tree farm locations on December 11.

“That’s the earliest we’ve sold out,” Hoffbauer said.

Hoffbauer believes the sudden demand could have to do with confusion over supply chain shortages.

Hoffbauer said only artificial trees were impacted by that shortage.

But as overwhelming demand hit tree farms, surrounding businesses are now rushing to keep up.

“Since Doug Hoffbauer ran out of trees I’ve been very busy. Seems like there are either quite a few places that are not selling trees this year that normally sell trees and a lot of them that are, had their numbers reduced and since they started running out of trees I’ve just been swamped,” said Monte Miller, owner and operator of Monte’s Tree Lot in the Miller Hill Mall parking lot.

Miller said he expected to also sell out early. At this rate, he even expects to wrap up this weekend.

“I’ll keep cutting them and bringing it out here as long as I can,” Miller said.

Miller said trees are selling faster than he can cut them down. Now, with colder weather on the horizon, trees will freeze along with his business.

“If you need a tree, I would come quick,” Miller said.

Hoffbauer said if you’re still looking for Christmas trees or other greenery, you can visit the Duluth Flower Farm in Superior.

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