‘Festival of Sail’ moves from Duluth to Two Harbors next August

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 10:08 AM CST
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TWO HARBORS, MN -- Previously located in Duluth, the 2022 Festival of Sail and tall ship race series will take place in Two Harbors due to construction on Duluth’s waterfront.

The event is planned to take place from August 4-7, 2022.

The new location will be along the Agate Bay in Two Harbors, which has extensive dock space for more ships and the event site on land is nearly three times as large as previous years.

Craig Samborski, Executive Producer of the festival, says cancelling next year’s festival wasn’t an option they wanted to consider.

“Because we’re on a three year cycle, it wouldn’t be something that would come back until 2023-2024 it would be 2025. That’s a long time,” said Samborski.

Samborski thinks the new venue will provide a unique and fresh spin on the years long tradition.

“I think the aesthetic of Agate Bay in two harbors, that’s going to be different so it’s a much different backdrop it feels like very New-England-ish to me.”

With the larger space, there will be 12 ships appearing at the festival, which is the most they’ve had.

This event will include an impressive fleet of majestic ships from as far away as Seville, Spain.

Festival of Sail’s event offers onboard tours, day-sails, and a grand parade of sail.

The Agate Bay waterfront will also feature vendors, entertainment, and a craft beer garden.

Tickets are now on sale and can be found here.

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